Day surgeries aid faster recovery at lower cost
Cocoona opens Day Surgical Center to keep Dubai ahead of global surgical  trends

Dubai is taking a great leap forward in keeping patients abreast and ahead of international medical trends. By introducing patients to the concept of day surgical procedures, they are given the chance to recover faster at a lower cost.

Many benefits have arisen for day-surgery procedures, predominantly in terms of patient convenience. Reduced cost and minimal stress also play a strong role in patients viewing day-surgeries more favorably.

Advances in the surgical world, along with rapidly rising healthcare costs have resulted in a surge of day-care surgical procedures being performed on a worldwide basis, a trend being adopted by Cocoona. An all-in-one center of competence, Cocoona specializes in cosmetic enhancements, encompassing both surgical and non-surgical procedures. A recently opened day surgery under their expertise, they now specialize in orthopedic and bariatric surgeries.

Cocoona responds to the fact that many patients do not require to stay in hospital after surgery, by opening a day clinical center. Taking advantage of the development of the medical practice as well as cultural and economic factors, Cocoona seeks to recognize the cost-effectiveness of day surgeries.

Additionally, Cocoona is implementing a highly specialized hand clinic within its day surgery, which aims to fix multiple hand problems from birth defects, trauma, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis to complex deformities. For many of these procedures, patients can recuperate in the comfort of their home.

Commenting on the benefits of the day surgery clinic, Dr. Sanjay Parashar, founder of Cocoona says: “There are many reasons that led us to implement a day surgery clinic as a part of Cocoona. In my experience, I have found that recovering at home generally speeds up the recuperation process. That aside, since there are no hospital room charges, costs are much lower.”

Associated with minor surgical trauma, day surgery procedures heavily rely on a patient’s recovery from anesthesia. The terms “ambulatory surgery”, “day-case surgery” and “outpatient surgery” are used to synonymously indicate that the patient is discharged on the day of surgery.

Elaborating on his views on day surgery clinics, Dr. Parashar says: “Overall, I have also discovered that outpatient surgery is less stressful than inpatient surgeries. In the end, as medical professionals, that’s what really matters to us. To make our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Surgery is a frightening concept for some; we try to make it as reassuring as we can”.
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