Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery Excessive weight loss after dieting or Bariatric surgery can result into excess skin folds in the face& neck area, chest, abdomen, sides, back, thighs & arms. Body lift procedures are designed to remove excess skin folds to improve body contour.
A lower Body Lift Surgery combines the Tummy Tuck sculpture of the stomach, with Thigh Lift, and Buttock Lift sculpting the entire body in a band about the waist or a Belt Lipectomy.

Excess skin and fat are removed, the stomach muscle wall tightened, and the Superficial Fascia Suspension System (SFS) resuspended (Lockwood’s procedure). This connective tissue network in the fat contributes greatly to holding tissues elevated. The tone of this SFS is what gives a more youthful appearance and support to the entire sculpture. Liposuction is often combined with Body Lift Surgery to refine nearby regions of localized fat.

Breast Contours:

There are millions of women who are unhappy with their breasts either because it is too small or too big. Often they are disappointed because the shape and size of their breasts have deteriorated over the years. Whatever the problem, it often has a very negative impact on a women’s self-esteem. And there are no exercises, devices, or medications that have any real effect on breast size.

Well, the good news is Medicine and plastic surgery has advanced to the point where almost anyone’s breasts can be readily changed in almost any manner. Small breasts can be enlarged, large breasts can be reduced to a more proportional, comfortable size, sagging and shrinking breasts can be lifted. And even breasts that have been removed during mastectomy procedures can be totally reconstructed to restore a full, natural, and beautiful figure. Virtually every problem can be addressed, and the benefits are obvious. The return of self-esteem. And confidence. A new figure. A new outlook. A new you.