Breast Augmentation Dubai (Enlargement)

Breast Augmentation DubaiBreast Augmentation is by far the most popular. The options of implants we use today are a saline filled bag or upgraded new generation silicone implant that is totally harmless to your body. These implants are soft, supple, and available in different sizes and contours, they give a natural feminine feel and shape.

In addition, breast implants do not prohibit you from future breastfeeding. The procedure itself takes about an hour and a half to perform and is done on an outpatient basis in the hospital. The implants may be placed either above or beneath the chest muscles or Dual Plane (new technique) depending on your build and special needs. Incisions are usually placed at the lower edge of the areola (the darker skin around the nipple), underneath the Breast Surgery or in the armpit using Endoscope (New Technique) – again depending on your individual needs.

The incisions are closed with buried sutures that never have to be removed and give you the best possible wound healing. Most women following breast augmentation are back to work in five days.