Injection Lipolysis

Injection LipolysisInjection Lipolysis is Known by other names such as Mesotherapy, Lypolysis injection is a nonsurgical treatment for the reduction of fat in specific areas of the body, like thighs, by injecting medical substances. These medicines attack the adipose fat tissues in thigh and dissolve them. The fat deposit is thus removed and thighs look slim. Lipolysis Injection differs from Liposuction mainly because it is a non surgical treatment. The former is relatively newer than the later. The procedure of administering anesthesia and injections is completed within an hour. After a brief period of rest, the patient can move about freely. This will be followed by another injection after a break of 2 or 3 weeks. This continues for around six months. The number of injections and duration of the treatment will vary according to the requirement. Whereas Liposuction is a surgery which is completed in a day normally lasting up to three hours. So people who prefer to get rid of their fat without going through the complication of  surgery can opt for Injection Lipolysis which is more convenient.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar shares, “Though Butts, Hips and Tummy are usually the areas that bother people, there are people taking this treatment for their chin also. Thighs are also the target in many cases. After the surgery one can achieve shrunken appearance for their fleshy thighs. The injected drugs break open the fat cells and destroy them.”

Candidates for Injection Lipolysis

People usually have to choose between Liposuction and Injection Lipolysis. The later can be an alternative for the former considering various factors like health and age. It is particularly suited for women who have gained weight around the area after child birth. Such fat does not go away with dieting or exercises. The fat is dissolved and will never return. People who are not willing to go through the hassles of surgery opt for Injection Lipolysis. There is less time and care involved and the patient can himself notice the results emerging while the treatment progresses.

Who should avoid it? Kids and Adolescents are not suitable for Injection Lipolysis. Pregnant women should also stay from these. People with history of serious chronic diseases are advised not to take this.


There is visible reduction in fat after the first injection itself. As the treatment proceeds the number of fat cells destroyed is maximized. The layers of the skin are tightened. It is a vastly successful technique with few side effects like irritation or swelling in the area. Your doctor will also give you treatment to combat these problems. They vanish in a few days and the results stay for log period.

Treatment complications

Make sure that you take the injections from a certified doctor only. This will ensure that there will be no post treatment complications. Even if there are any like soreness and swelling, it will come down with the doctor’s advice.

A licensed Cosmetic Surgeon is the person you should trust for this treatment. There are unauthorized personnel selling such drugs but one should always take it from a qualified person whom you can trust.