We know that Liposuction is removal of mass of excessive fat. Well, Liposculpture is the same procedure with a little more importance given to the shaping of the area. The technique used to not just removing the fat but also to reshape the muscles of the remaining fat is known as Liposculpture. There is more Aesthetic value in Liposculpture as it pays attention to creating the desired appearance for the area of the body.

LiposculpturingIf you thought that all those models who carry toned bodies have achieved it with rigorous exercises, you might be mistaken. Many people aspiring for a six pack ab muscles or a curvy slim body go for cosmetic surgeries like Liposculpture. It not only reduces the volume of flesh (in layman terms) but also gives the desired shape. People, suffering from obesity and related problems, generally turn to liposuction in order to get rid of excessive fat. However, it does not help them deal with diseases related to obesity. But it does help them to carry their bodies because removal of fat itself is great relief. The candidates for Liposculpture are basically those who want not only fat reduction but also a desired appearance for a certain part of their body. For example, some models desire a curvy and toned body. Liposuction will not be satisfactory for them. A planned surgery, to delete some amount of fact and leave the rest and also to reshape the remaining part, is required in such a case.

However it will be wrong to assume that these surgeries are meant only for celebrities and are a vanity. Many people who suffer from obesity as a genetic problem or those having an abnormal amount of fat in a certain area benefit from these surgeries. More and more people are turning up for Liposculpture every year not only in western countries but also in India. It is slowly emerging as a popular and preferred mode to change the way one looks.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar says, “There are very strong chances of the results staying for long period as long as 20-25 years if the patient takes measures not to gain weight. As the surgery simply removes the existing fat, it does not treat the problem of obesity. Also not all the fat from a part can be removed completely. Some natural fat is essential for the body. The person might gain weight again and have fat deposits over a period of time. However there are people who maintain a healthy life style and stay with the results for more than a decade. “

Who is a suitable candidate for these Procedures? If you wish to go under the knife to make changes to the shape of your body areas, you can consider Liposculpture given that you are not suffering from any other health complications. The surgeon will take a detailed tests and examination sessions before you are confirmed for the surgery.