Waist Sculpturing

If abdominal fat is your concern, then waist sculpting is the best option. Bulging waist and a pot belly affects one’s self image in addition to creating health problems. In waist sculpting, the excessive and unwanted fat is removed through surgical procedures, followed by tightening of the remaining layers of fat. This may be performed as an independent procedure or combined with other Body contouring techniques. The result is a chiseled look for your abdomen and a smooth waist line.
Although there are non surgical treatments for fat reduction, there is nothing that gives more satisfactory result as sculpting. Waist sculpting result gives the desired shape and contouring which cannot be achieved from non surgical treatments.  

Dr. Sanjay Parashar, from Cocoona Hospital opines that there is precision and exactness in the procedure that leaves the patient satisfied in long run. It is a safe procedure with a brief period of recovery. The doctors provide complete support in the recovery and recuperation period. In case of side effects, which is minor, there is total assistance provided by the concerned doctors.

Body Contouring or Body Sculpting 

If you have stubborn abdominal or hip fat that is persisting for years and remain non responsive to dieting, exercising or gyming, there are different surgery options at a cosmetic surgeons clinic. These surgeries are planned and to suit the specific need of the part of the body and the type of fat accumulated there. For those who suffer from genetic obesity and related diseases, Liposuction is a convenient option. In addition to get a well toned body with desired abs and waist line, people go for Liposculpting. Waist sculpting is another refined method of achieving the desired contour of the waist line. It is a solution for sagging and bulging waist line which affects the person’s self image apart from inviting a host of diseases. Waist Sculpting is also known as Waist contouring and Abdominoplasty. In colloquial language it is Tummy Tucking. It involves two main procedures namely Liposuction and Body contouring.

Body Lift

Body Lift Procedures are performed on areas of the body that has excess skin and sags down. This can be the arms, breasts, waist, hips or thighs. Lose of elasticity and premature loosening of the skin are the main reasons why one would need a Body Lift. It is termed as “ Lift” because it targets the sagging or dropping fat and removes it. Waist lift is the removal of the surplus fat accumulated and sagging at both the sides. It also involves removing the abdominal fat. After the Waist lift surgery, the area is completely free from unwanted fat deposits known as adipose fat.
In certain cases, the patient requires a “ Total Body Lift” which is sculpting performed on  all the body parts having hanging skin. It covers the arms, thighs , buttocks, waist, abdomen, breasts, chin. This improves the aesthetics of the body.