Cheek Augmentation

Behind the glowing puffy cheeks of many HolCheek Augmentationlywood and Bollywood celebrities is the procedure known as Cheek Augmentation. For cheeks that blow up like snow balls when you smile, a cosmetic surgery is worth the effort. Here are 7 facts and reasons why many women across the world are turning to Cheek Augmentation surgery to get that charming looks.
Cheek Augmentation makes you look Younger. Yes, it does. With the cheeks flushing with blood when you smile, it definitely gives you your youthfulness back. It makes your cheeks looks fuller. So much better than the aged and haggard look which deflated cheeks imparts. As a part of ageing, the cheeks lose their puffiness and charm and drop down making the whole face look saggy. Cheek Augmentation is meant exactly to replace this appearance.

Safe And Effective

There are no complications involved in Cheek Augmentation. The techniques are safe and effective. They results for long time without any harm being caused to your natural skin. The materials used as fillers are also clinically tested to be absolutely safe. There are more than one ways of Cheek Augmentation- facial implants, fillers or fat grafting.
It is done with Precision. There is exactness and precision in this procedure with no need of correction following it. There is no risk involved here. Such surgeries will fix a particular problem or feature of one’s face i.e. only the cheeks. Your natural look will be retained; only your cheeks will look fuller (factually speaking).
Recovery Time is Very Short. The implants will take few days to settle down and give you a natural look. This recovery time may vary from zero to ten days. Yes, it is as short as that. There is no rest involved even in this time. One can continue with his normal activities.

Not Only For The Elderly People

Cheek AugmentationYes, even young people can take up this surgery if they are not satisfied with the deflation in their cheeks. Although deflation may occur as a result of ageing but some people naturally have sagging cheeks which lack definition in Skin Surgery and have hollowness under the eyes. Also people who are naturally very thin also have sucked in cheeks which accentuates their low weight. Cheek Augmentation is solution for these also. It is a Permanent solution. According to Dr. Sanjay Parashar, once you take the surgery, you will never be bothered again with the problem again. You will permanently have the cheeks that you always desired.
They Look Completely Natural. Cheeks, after Cheek Augmentation look no different from real cheeks. Nobody will be able to tell the difference. There will be, apparently, proper definition to the cheek bones and volume in the area. There will be a natural plumpness. In fact a great advantage is that cheeks that have gone under this surgery show slow signs of ageing. Appearance of wrinkles and lines will be delayed because the result of the treatment persists.