Ear Reshaping

Ears are one of thEar Reshaping Dubaie most aesthetically appealing parts of the face as well as the body. Many a times, we are not happy with the shape of our ears. The ears may be misshapen due to a congenital (birth) defect or it could be the result of an injury or a medical disorder. Whatever the case, we often feel the need to make our Ear Reshaping more proportionate or of a specific shape in order to appear more appealing.

Cocoona Day Surgical Center handles hundreds of otoplasty cases each month. We have expert cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic specialists at the center who are highly experienced in performing various ear correction surgeries to make you look more appealing.

Cocoona is expert at correcting ear conditions such as protruding ears, lop ear, abnormally large ears as well as shell ears.

How to decide in Ear Reshaping surgery?

The best way to go about getting an ear reshaping surgery is to consult our expert cosmetic specialists at Cocoona Day Surgical Center. The specialists and cosmetic surgeons will consider your realistic goals and desires and explain to you in detail about the technique, approach, recovery, benefits and possible risk of the particular otoplasty surgery.

How is Ear Reshaping surgery performed?

There are several Ear Reshaping Dubaidifferent ways to perform an ear reshaping surgery. One of the methods is to remove (cut) a piece of the cartilage of the ear to restore normal size to abnormally large ears.

Another method of otoplasty surgery involves folding excess part of the ear and stitching the cartilage together instead of cutting it and removing it entirely. Each of these methods requires an incision at the back of the ear. This allows the cosmetic surgeon clear access to the cartilage for performing the required procedure.

The surgeon will then close the incision using fine sutures in order to avoid scarring.

What to expect during the Ear Reshaping surgery?

This is an extensive cosmetic procedure and lasts for around 2-3 hours, depending on the structure of the particular ear. The expert cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona Day Surgical Center will satisfy all your queries regarding the recovery time and rehabilitation needs after the ear reshaping surgery.

Are there any risks of complications from Otoplasty surgery?

As is seen in any form of surgical procedure there are several risks involved in ear reshaping surgery as well, these are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Blood clots

However, these complications are not seen as the cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona adopt every preventive measure to avoid these surgical risks.

Ear reshaping at Cocoona Day Surgical Center has helped hundreds of patients get the perfect and proportionate look to their face. We have also helped hundreds of other patients restore a normal appearance to their face after having damaged or disfigured the ear due to various reasons. Cocoona Day Surgical Center is the top choice for the best and most effective ear reshaping surgery at the most affordable cost ever.