Face Lift Surgery

The Face Lift Surgery is perhaps the most famous procedure in plastic surgery. The myth is many people think a facelift makes you look plastic and unnatural. They think facelifts are only for the rich and famous. But that is untrue. Today’s technologically improved procedures can absolutely work wonders. Instead of looking as if they “got lifted,” they simply look radiant, refreshed and younger.

Face Lift Surgery dubaiThe Face Lift Surgery as performed under “twilight” anesthesia as an outpatient procedure and takes approximately two to three hours. We begin with an incision behind the hairline, which extends in natural skin creases down and around the ear and then back into the hair-bearing scalp behind the ear. This incision is designed for maximum camouflage. A tiny incision is also made under the chin to allow fat removal and muscle tightening in the neck. After elevating the skin from the underlying tissues, lipo-sculpturing techniques are used to remove excess facial fatty deposits.

The deeper layers of lax tissues are then tightened — which is why longer lasting and more natural results are possible. Finally comes the excess skin. We take great care to make sure the skin is made taut, but not over tightened.

Together, the tightened muscles and removal of excess skin and fat will diminish and often remove creases, lines, and folds and restore the younger natural contours of your face. Your jawline, cheekbones, and neck will become more defined and attractive as they regain their youthful, firm appearance.

We can perform a Face Lift Surgery alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as Eyelid Surgery, forehead lift, nose refinement, or laser skin resurfacing. When receiving a facelift, most patients will combine it with one or more smaller procedures to help minimize the overall recovery period.

Recovery is surprisingly quick and usually pain-free. There is some bruising and swelling, and usually five days of wearing a bandage that you’ll have to put up with. Most patients are back to work and their normal activities within two weeks of the procedure — looking and feeling younger, too.