Midface lift Surgery

Learn-About-the-Best-Anti-Aging-Skin-CareIt is a myth about cosmetic surgery that it is the people from showbiz who take it up. Well, the truth is not only in the Western countries but also in India, there are lacks of people going under the knife for improving their appearance. Celebrities and socialites are definitely regular visitors to cosmetic surgeons, but apart from this a huge number of women across the world go for surgeries like Mid face Lift. In fact, not just women, men are also turning to this option to improve their looks.

As the name suggests, it is surgery conducted on the middle part of the face to get rid of the saggy appearance that one develops as a result of ageing. The dropping look of the face and the loosening of the skin imparting an aged look is a common problem which drives many women to cosmetic surgeons. The skin loses fat and elasticity with age. The same is restored with the help of surgery.

Mid face Lift Surgery same as Cheek Lift Surgery

Dr. Sanjay Parashar, Cocoona Hospital, says “It is wrongly perceived that Mid face Lift and Cheek Lift Surgery are the same. Cheek lift is a different one involving only the lower eye lids and cheeks. It is commonly referred to as Cheek Augmentation Surgery. Mid face Lift surgery targets the area aroundthe nose, eyes and corners of the mouth. “ 
Is the outcome of the surgery satisfactory?
Millions of people across the world have gone through the surgery and are satisfied with the results. Cosmetic surgeries are mostly successful. Of Course, you have to take precautions from your side like consulting a trusted doctor. A short recovery period and you are ready to take life anew. Will it cost me a fortune? Well, honestly Cosmetic surgeries are expensive and not many health insurances cover it. So it does fall heavy on the pocket. However since it is getting more and more popular every year, the price is gradually coming down. Today Cosmetic Surgery is quite affordable.

It Might Change My Appearance Drastically“ Absolutely No. It is a misconception about cosmetic surgeries that if something goes wrong, the person’s appearance will be changed to great extent. Mid face Lift surgery will only make the necessary changes in the particular area of your face. There will be no drastic transformation, only the desired changes. No Cosmetic Surgery is done unplanned. The planning will come only after a detailed counseling session. Your surgery will be custom made for you. Also check the before and after pictures of previous patients. It will give you a clear idea about the changes.

Is it painful? There are incisions involved but all is done without causing any pain to the person. Anesthesia, local or general or regional is administered so there is no question of pain. Is there a Recovery Period Following the Surgery? Yes, the recovery time may take up to two weeks. The real fruits of the surgery will emerge within fifteen days.