Mini Facelift Surgery

Cosmetic-Surgeries---Mini-FaceliftIt is a very popular cosmetic surgery that makes the person look at least ten years younger by removing the wrinkles and blemishes appearing on the skin due to old age. It is a completely safe and efficient procedure for people who are faced with sagging and wrinkled skin.
Like many cosmetic surgeries, this also involves incision of surgical instruments in the targeted area. Of course this is done only after anesthesia is administered. The incisions will be mainly done near the ears. The surgeon separates the skin from underlying layers of tissue and repositions it.  There will be suturing after incisions which will be removed later. The lower two third area of the face is the target area. The sagging of the muscles is removed and there will be better defined features of the jaws and cheek lines. It aims at removing excessive tissue and tightening of the existing layers so as to eliminate the sagging appearance. It restores elasticity to the skin. Facial features will look more accentuated and firm after the surgery.

Which parts of my face will be covered? Although the name of the surgery suggests that it involves the entire face, it actually deals with only the two third of the face i. e. the lower part of the cheek and the jaw lines. The sagging and loose chin near the neck will also be covered. But what will not be covered are the under eye and wrinkles near the eye and the temples.

Mini Facelift Surgery different from Full Facelift Surgery

The duration of the surgery in mini Facelift surgery is shorter and the recovery period and precautions are also shorter. Full Facelift Surgery deals with all the features of the face while Mini Facelift deals with only the two thirds. The former makes very visible changes correcting even major sagging and wrinkles to great extent while the later simply corrects minor problems of aging.

Mini Facelift SurgerySince Anesthesia is administered, no pain or uneasiness will be felt by the patient. It is observed that many people who wish to and need to take cosmetic surgeries are held back because of apprehensions and fears. But one can be assured of such surgeries once he gets it done by a reputed and trusted surgeon. As regards side effects, be assured that it will not cause any damage to the skin. It is commonly noted that post surgery patients are satisfied with the results as such a rejuvenation boosts their confidence.

What Precautions should I take before and After Surgery? Post surgery, the patient will have to abstain from few drugs and food items as advised by the doctor. Smoking and alcohol is a complete no after any skin surgery. There are usually no precautions to be taken before surgery. But it might differ in few cases. The recovery time may differ from patient to patient and also depends upon the difference in procedures. Usually within a week sutures will be removed.  Some patients complain of redness and swelling in the area. These problems vanish in few days and the results start appearing.

The procedure will be completed within two hours. It is an outpatient surgery i.e. the patient can go home the day itself after a few hours of rest. There are many people taking up mini facelift surgery because of its various advantages. It is less expensive than Full Facelift and fewer hassles are involved. The results are very satisfactory.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar shares that men are also turning up for these surgeries. 10% of the patients are men belonging to fifties and sixties age group. Cosmetic surgeries usually have long lasting and even permanent effects. This surgery in particular gives results that lasts for about ten fifteen years with no side effects. There are ways through which the patient himself can take measures to maintain the results. By abstaining from smoking and beverages, the health of the skin will be maintained. Consuming junk food can cause damage to the skin. Also, taking a balanced diet and exercising will help keep the results alive for many years.