Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement DubaiIf your knee pain is persisting despite of your taking continuous medication and proper excercises, then your doctor might say yes to this question. But of course, this is a decision that is to be taken after examination and trying alternate methods to combat the problem.

For example, knee surgery will be necessary for a person who is having chronic pain in the knee joint. The pain grows to such an extent that the patient is having difficulty in folding and mobilizing the knee. His daily activities like climbing the staircase and even walking and getting up from sitting position will become extremely painful. Such patients are usually suggested to have a knee replacement surgery. The doctor will examine whether the person’s knee is strong enough to support the foreign/ artificial knee. The knee will undergo tests to conform whether it has an infection or has sufficient mass of bone to sustain the surgery.

Knee replacement surgeries help the patient to get permanent relief from the ache and help him to return to normal life activities. There is no pain following the surgery. After a brief period of rest, one can get back to normal activities.

How is the knee problem examined?

Your Orthopedic Surgery doctor will examine your knee with the help of various tests. There will be thorough physical examination followed by X-Ray tests. This will give a clear idea of the amount of bone fluid and cartileges in the knee. If the condition is because of an injury or accident, the treatment will vary. The doctor decides between medicines, surgery or other moderate treatment after analyzing the condition.

Is Knee surgery satisfactory?

Knee Replacement DubaiEvery year lakhs of people across the world take up knee surgery and are benefitted from it. They report being experiencing a drastic improvement in their condition. There is total removal of the pain and the mobility of the knee becomes possible again. There is almost no chance of the surgery failing to give relief.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar, from Coccona hospital, New Delhi, suggests knee surgery to patients who have suffered from knee pain for a long time without much relief from medication. Coccoona Hospital, well equipped with world class medical facilities have helped thousands of people recover from osteoarthritis, venal arthritis etc.

What are the common signs and symptoms faced by patients?

A patient suffering from knee joint pains usually complains of the following signs:

  • Experiencing extreme pain in the knee while getting up sitting position
  • Extreme pain while climbing staircase
  • Experiencing tremors occasionally in the knee
  • Aggravating of the pain in winter and humid conditions
  • Recurring periods of relief and pain in knee and adjoining area
  • Not able to bend the knee
  • Swelling or dark patches in the area of the knee
  • Pulling off the nerves or cramps in the leg/legs while sleeping
  • Extreme pain not allowing normal sleep to the patient
  • Lack of mobility and extreme stiffness especially in the morning
  • Recurring of an old pain caused by a previous injury

Although it is a common problem in the elderly people, in the recent years, even people in their thirties have reported to be experiencing joint pains and the above symptoms. Of course, exercise helps a lot to delay the medication and surgeries for middle-aged patients.