What is Tennis Elbow

Tennis ElbowAlso known as lateral epicondylitis, it is a condition where the person experiences extreme pain in the outer side of the elbow just below the joint. The area will be painful whenever there is strenuous activity like lifting and object or doing some work. Also travelling and exercising will become almost impossible because of the severe pain.

It is known by the name Tennis Elbow since it is quite common in players of the sport because of stretching of the muscles right below the elbow. This is exactly the same reason why common people also suffer from this. When the muscles are stretched too hard or overused, there will be swelling in the area causing this problem. There is a similar condition where the inner side of the elbow pains. This is known as Golfer’s Elbow. Evidently, it is more common in golf players.

Treatment : Tennis Elbow is usually treated a s a medical condition not an illness. Most physicians suggest rest for the affected arm along with little medication. Physiotherapy is helpful in relieving the pain temporarily.

What is Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical SpondylosisIt is a common problem that middle aged and elderly people suffer from. It is tightening of the muscles of the shoulder and arms causing severe pain in the area. In worse conditions, the patient becomes unable to lift objects or use the arm for any activity. It is a condition that occurs as a result of ageing. Many people in the early twenties mistake pain in their shoulders and arm for cervical spondylosis. But experts say it occurs only as a result of aging of the muscles and bones. It is a serious problem which impair the normal life of working people. One can even experience a lack of coordination while walking and climbing staircase.

Treatment : Medicines are prescribed for Cervical Spondylosis. It is important that one must see an orthopedic not a general physician to get the appropriate treatment. Earlier people in their 60s would be affected by this. In present times, people in their 40s also suffer from this problem.

What is Bursitis

Sometimes when the fluid in the joints known as Bursa is injured , it emerges out to swell up causing immense pain in the area. This can happen in any joint of the body. People usually complain of this in the elbow joint, knees and also shoulders. It is not always an injury that causes Bursitis. It can be caused by daily activities like leaning the elbow over the hard surface of a table for long time. It is more common in ageing people because the Bursa is already weak in them.

Treatment: Taking anti inflammatory drugs to counter the problem of inflammation of Bursa is helpful. In young people sometimes resting the affected area or stopping the activity causing the problem will be effective. Old People will take longer to recover from Bursitis. Dr. Sanjay Parashar , Cocoona Hospital, suggests that in case of infection , immediate medical help should be sought lest it may develop into septic Bursa which is difficult to treat.

Arthritis of the Arm and Shoulder

Arthritis of the Arm and ShoulderArthritis is simply the swelling of the joints causing inability to move , bend or lift the part of the body. Arms Shoulders, Knee and legs are affected by it. It is one of the most common problems of old age emerging the late 40s in the both men and women alike. There is unrelenting pain in the arms and shoulders rendering them immobile.

Treatment : Although Arthritis is a persisting condition, it can be brought under control with medicines to supplement the lack of nutrients in to the bones. Taking calcium supplements benefits many people along with exercises and walking. Seeing an orthopedic is more beneficial than a General physician.