Professional rugby player operated for Hand Fracture….

Dear Dr. Kutaiba,

“Dr. Kutaiba is a first class surgeon. As a sportsman and it being my first fracture, I was concerned about the surgery. Dr. Kutaiba allayed those fears, with the knowledge, experience and confidence that you only get from one of the best.” I am delighted with my surgery and progress, especially when compared to my peers who have had similar injuries. Without a shadow of doubt, I would recommend Dr. Kutaiba to sport professionals and anyone else with a hand fracture. You don’t’ need a second option with this doctor.”

Nicholas Ashford, March 24, 2013.

Dear Dr. Salman,

My hand is in such better state because of you!  Here, at Cocoona, I received the best attention and treatment, and I am very grateful for that! For sure I will come back if I ever have a problem.  I wish you all the best and great health.

December 04, 2012

To the Staff of Cocoona and Dr. Sanjay Y. Parashar

I am very happy with the service and the results from my procedure.  Everyone was very kind and helpful, and I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
Thank you very much.

Ralitsa Mateeva

Great staff & stuff

I came in a bad shape & walking away proudly with a great body.
Thanks to the Team’s time & effort that made me satisfied

All the best

H. Hardy

Dear Dr. Salman,

Thank you for your very helpful and professional advise.  I shall follow all steps that have to be taken in order to prevent further damage to my back and strengthen it through practice.

Best Regards,
December 18, 2012

Dear Dr. Salman,

I have pain in my shoulder, back and neck.  I heard about Dr. Salman and I visit him, he give me some medications and he advise me to wear splint and collar splint and explain some medicines.
Now I am feel better, much better and gradually I am feeling good and do my duties.  Wonderful hands he have.

Thanking you Sir,
Roman Hossan
December 18, 2012

Dear Dr. Sanjay,

All the Nurses and Support Staff,
Thank you so — o   very much — I am thrilled with my “New eyes” the entire experience with Cocoona was great!

I will recommend!!  To anyone!
Keep up the Great work

Best Regards,

November 2012

Dear Dr. Sanjay,

Thanks for everything nice & beautiful you did for me.  Amazing Job.  May God bless You